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Visit and Discover the Bocana del Rio Copalita Archaeological Zone

Visit and Discover the Bocana del Rio Copalita Archaeological Zone

May 22
20:22 2024

The Bocana del Río Copalita Archaeological Zone majestically sits on the Oaxacan coast, offering a unique window into the past of the pre-Columbian cultures that inhabited this region. This site is not only an archaeological treasure but also a spectacular natural lookout that allows visitors to enjoy an impressive view of the Pacific Ocean.

Prime Location

Located near Huatulco, Bocana del Río Copalita is easily accessible for those interested in history and nature. Its proximity to tourist centres and quality accommodations, such as the Barceló Huatulco, makes it a must-stop for any traveller heading to this part of Mexico.

How to get to the Archaeological zone?

From La Crucecita, which is part of Santa María Huatulco, you need to drive 8 kilometres east along the coastal boulevard. This road will take you directly to the Copalita Eco-Archaeological Park. On the way, you will pass by the high-end hotels located in the Tangolunda Bay area. Continue until you reach Bocana de Copalita, a small community next to the archaeological zone. The park entrance is just 350 metres from the bay.

What the tour is like? 

The tour itself is a peaceful yet impressive experience, typically taking about two to three hours, depending on the interest and pace of each visitor. The path is well signposted and winds through various ancient structures, including ceremonial platforms, mounds, and a ball court, which silently bear witness to the rich pre-Hispanic history of the place.

Along the way, you will find informational panels at strategic points offering detailed explanations about each area. These panels are an excellent aid for visitors who prefer to explore the site on their own.

The tour is not only cultural but also natural. The trail will take you through a beautiful landscape that includes views of the Copalita River and access to small nearby beaches. The route is surrounded by local vegetation, where you can enjoy the birdsong and occasionally spot small animals native to the region.

It is advisable to bring a camera or a mobile phone with a good camera, as the natural surroundings and archaeological structures offer excellent photography opportunities.

Cultural Significance

The park houses archaeological remains dating from 900 BCE to 1000 CE, including a ball court in the centre of the area and a structure to the south. There is also a stone known as the “Sacrifice Stone,” located on the edge of a cliff where one can enjoy an impressive view of the coast.

In addition to these, there are other remnants such as terraces, platforms, and various structures that are of great cultural interest. According to archaeologists, Bocana del Río Copalita had trade relations with the Mayans of the southeast, the Zoques from the region now known as Chiapas, and groups from central Mexico, especially the Teotihuacanos. This place was also a settlement that existed contemporaneously with Monte Albán.

Flora and Fauna of the Area 

The northern part of the land extends along the alluvial plains of the Copalita River, while the south is formed by hills of igneous rock. To the south, a rocky cliff descends to the sea, and at its base lies a beach and a delta formed by deposits from the Copalita River. In the centre of the land, there is a wetland, fed by rainfall and river floods.

Along the river, there are riparian forests, and in the flatter areas, scrubland and low deciduous forests predominate. In Oaxaca, 1,431 species of terrestrial vertebrates have been recorded, placing the state among the most biodiverse in Mexico, along with Veracruz, Chiapas, and Guerrero. Specifically, 133 species of amphibians and 245 species of reptiles have been identified in Oaxaca, representing 35% of the national total for these categories.

More than half of the known bird species in Mexico are found in the state, and for mammals, Oaxaca hosts 42.2% of the national total, with 190 different species.

Hours and Fees

Visiting Hours

The Bocana del Río Copalita Archaeological Zone welcomes visitors every day of the week. You can plan your visit from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This wide schedule allows you to choose the time of day you prefer to explore the site, whether you enjoy the morning coolness or prefer the soft light of the afternoon for your photographs.

Entrance Fees

To access the archaeological zone, a fee is charged that contributes to the maintenance and conservation of the site. Adults have a general admission fee, while there are reduced prices for children and students with a valid ID.

Accommodation and Comfort: Barceló Huatulco

Just minutes from the archaeological zone, Barceló Huatulco promises not only convenient access to Copalita but also a first-class vacation experience. This hotel features luxury facilities including several pools, spas, and restaurants with a wide culinary offer that will delight every palate.

The hotel rooms offer spectacular views, either of the sea or the tropical gardens surrounding the property. Each room is equipped with all modern amenities to ensure a relaxing and rejuvenating stay.

Barceló Huatulco is distinguished not only by its hospitality but also by the variety of activities it offers. From water sports to live entertainment evenings, guests can enjoy a fun-filled itinerary or simply relax on the nearby beaches.

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Recommendations for Your Visit

It is important to bring water to stay hydrated, wear appropriate clothing for the warm weather, and protect yourself from mosquito bites. Additionally, make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes, as the tour lasts about an hour and a half over flat terrain, with a 200-metre stretch of stairs leading to the viewpoints.

Visiting the Bocana del Río Copalita Archaeological Zone is a journey into a culturally rich past while enjoying the natural splendour of the Huatulco region. With the comfort and luxury provided by Barceló Huatulco, travellers can experience a perfect getaway that combines education, recreation, and relaxation. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this enigmatic archaeological site and enjoy top-notch accommodation on your next visit to Oaxaca.

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