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After Much Preparation, SpaceCoin Makes Space Travel Possible for All Enthusiasts

After Much Preparation, SpaceCoin Makes Space Travel Possible for All Enthusiasts

November 08
13:06 2022
Do you miss Bitcoin? Do not miss out on SpaceCoins for an opportunity for space travel.

Toronto, CA – November8th, 2022 – After almost a long wait of one year, our SpaceCoin is now digital to make space travel possible for all in the near future. Any individual having peeped into space travel or read about it will quickly know about the challenges of it. Be it exorbitant flight prices to inadequate seats on spaceships, the obstacles to entry are extremely high. Studies and reports indicate that almost 99 percent of the global population cannot experience the adventure and ecstasy of space travel. Thanks to SpaceCoin!

Digital coin or bitcoin is nothing but a cryptocurrency with no dominant body with a transparent plan of distribution. The digital coin has been recognized by several individuals as a store of immense value. SpaceCoin is one of its kind in human history, bringing in multiple options and opportunities when it comes to digital encryption.


The limitations of space travel and its mammoth challenges have given birth to the unique concept of SpaceCoins. The CEO of the company when interviewed about the inspiration behind the ideation of the all-new digital coin stated, “Our goal is to build a social movement with a decentralized body working at the core to denote the space enthusiasts’ community all over the globe.”

The CEO also said, “The SpaceCoin initiative makes the best use of blockchain technology to solve the gigantic challenges related to space travel. We aim to build a decentralized system that provides all in the space enthusiasts community to buy a ticket on space aircraft.”


The SpaceCoin program endeavors to build a reasonable indexable market price for the cost of a space tour as well as bring the prospect of space travel for all enthusiasts by leveraging a robust and combined buying power.  

Depending on the accrued experience in blockchain, technology, finance, and investment, SpaceCoin is developing a global rocket space ecological chain. A digital token built with superfast transaction speed as well as handling charge to bring a qualitative jump. As far as the handling fee is concerned, it is low. The transaction pace is 0.00000000001 seconds.


SpaceCoin is an initiative born out of the respect and adoration of the whole development team. Every team member is extremely devoted and dedicated to pushing the blockchain technology application in the economic arena.

When it comes to the total issuance of SpaceCoin, it will be in trillions. The current team comprises experienced engineers from Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and Singapore. The team focuses on developing innovative technology as well as research and any other foundation work.

Soon, people will be more enthusiastic about space travel. There are huge possibilities that before the year 2050, there would be tourist facilities for an exciting trip to the moon. Additionally, the probability of permanent accommodation in space shall also increase owing to the current worldwide spread of deadly infections. The company endeavors to discover a safe place to live, free of pollution and contagious diseases. To make this vision a reality, it is imperative to embrace a worldwide currency such as SpaceCoin. It has already made conforming layouts when it comes to attainable or required designs and highly efficient applications.

Twitter: @SpaceCoinMars

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