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NPD Releases New Findings on PRP Therapy

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NPD Releases New Findings on PRP Therapy

August 09
16:29 2018

The National Press Distributors recently looked into a form of therapy called PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy. The NPD was interested in the purpose of platelet-rich plasma therapy and how it happens. The list of reasons why people look into PRP therapy is extensive.

Sometimes people turn to PRP therapy when they have sustained an injury or want to accelerate the growth rate of tissue. PRP is also relevant when hair follicles are not growing as normal or when someone is in need of new blood vessels.

The National Press Distributors wanted to understand PRP more fully. So, they took a close look at platelet-rich plasma and its application. NPD found that platelet-rich plasma refers to the combination of growth factors that come from blood. PRP is extracted from blood in the body of the person who is receiving the therapy.

The National Press Distributors looked at PRP therapies as ways to deceive the body into thinking it has been injured. Once the body’s systems recognize that the tissue needs repair, the appropriate organs respond to the supposedly injured area.

PRP therapy treats hair loss and keeps skin looking youthful. But, there’s more to the injection of platelet-rich plasma than meets the eye. PRP also regulates the production of new blood vessels, promotes the growth of collagen, and increases the amount of fibrin produced by the body.

One form of platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) is called a vampire facial. Platelet-rich plasma is used to tighten skin and adjust facial texture for a smoother face overall. Doctors take microneedles and poke at the outermost layer of skin.

From there, they inject platelet-rich plasma into the skin. During a scheduled appointment that takes less than an hour, patients leave with improved skin tone and a fuller face.

Vampire facials also help with acne scars, uneven patches, loose skin, sagging cheeks, droopy lips, and fine lines, along with other conditions.

The results of vampire facials are immediate and they last between two to three months after the injection. The National Press Distributors learned that it is highly suggested to schedule three to five vampire facials every month for consecutive months. Results last longest this way.

PRP therapy is also used for hair restoration. When hair loss occurs, it can cause a minor to major dip in self-confidence. Specialized naturopaths tend to incorporate hair restoration in their array of services. With that comes PRP therapy as an option for restoring hair to its natural thickness.

The procedure takes just about 45 minutes, from start to finish. The National Press Distributors found that multiple treatments ensure higher rates of success. Anywhere from four to five treatments are recommended.

When it comes to waiting for results to show, people can expect to notice a growth spurt of baby hair follicles approximately one month after the first treatment. Three months later is when you will see noticeable change and clear evidence of thicker hair.

Please direct all questions, comments, or concerns toDr. Kate Kass’ press personnel.

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