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Avocado Face, Avocado Hair and Avocado Body is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Boutiques & Gift Retailers Nationwide.

Avocado Face, Avocado Hair and Avocado Body is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Boutiques & Gift Retailers Nationwide.

Our number one selling product is Avocado Face. Heal and Hydrate with Avocado Face.
Our mission is to create simple and pure products to help protect, hydrate and heal. Our vision is to provide education and opportunities to live a healthy, abundant and happy life by choosing Myavo World Beauty Products.

We are a grass-root company located in the heart of Babylon, New York where Avocado Face was invented in a little white house full of love. Avocado Face was created through fun experimentation with carrier oils and essential oils with my family. The unique blends were used by each of us: Jackson for eczema, Annie for dry skin, Alex just because she lived the yummy smell and me for wrinkles and lines. Within days we began to see great results.

That’s when we decided to develop and share all our products with the world! We are proud to say that Avocado Face and Myavo World Beauty Products are in over 140 stores. We have also partnered with Mr. Checkout to grow our business throughout the world. This year alone we have also donated over 1,000 bottles of Avocado Face to Children’s Clinics, nursing homes and families in our community. There is nothing more rewarding than to hear someone say “I love Avocado Face!”

Avocado Face has come a long way since the little white house full of love. Let’s meet the super star’s.The founder and product developer for all of Myavo World Beauty product is Michele Zahakis. Michele has a bachelor degree from Long Island University and is currently in a master’s program for Nutrition.  She is a true believer of not only feeding the inside of our bodies but she also believes in feeding the body from the outside in. Using all organic and natural ingredients Michele has created a team of products. Meet Avocado Face: Nourishes and hydrates, calms and smoothes and absorbs quickly. Meet Avocado Hair: Repairs and Hydrates, revitalizes and stimulates and is rich in antioxidants, omega 3 and 9.

Meet Avocado Rosie Facial Oil Cleanser: Cleanses and balances, nourishes and replenishes and wonderful foe sensitive skin types. Meet Avocado Body (Unscented, Chocolate/Peppermint, Orange Creme and Lavender): Nourishes and hydrates dry skin, wonderful for all skin types and soothes and absorbs quickly. Avocado Lips (Orange Creme, Chocolate Creme and Peppermint Creme): Nourishes and hydrates chapped lips, smoothes and repairs and absorbs quickly. Meet Avocado Skinny Serum: Smoothes and tightens, hydrates and nourishes and revives skin tone. Michele has also created two products to help from the inside out. Meet Avocado Power Punch TM: Ingredients: Avocado Seed Powder, Pea Protein, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Broccoli Sprout, Moringa Powder, Blueberry Fruit and Strawberry Fruit. Mixes well in smoothies,energizes and balances. You have to try it to feel the results.

Myavo World Beauty Mission is to develop and create products that feed the body from the outside in as well as the inside out using natural and organic ingredients. Our vision is that we want to help people feel beautiful by simplicity and feel abundant by opportunity. Our Core Principles are honesty, integrity, pure quality, personal growth, innovative  and enthusiasm. We are a company that dreams big and we welcome the world to come along for the journey.

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