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American Premium Water (HIPH) Enters Multi-Billion Dollar Hydrogen Water Market

American Premium Water (HIPH) Enters Multi-Billion Dollar Hydrogen Water Market

PLAYA VISTA, CA – 6 Jul, 2017 – American Premium Water Corporation (OTC PINK: HIPH), a Natural High-pH bottled water company has entered into the multi-billion dollar hydrogen-enriched water industry with the launch of its sleek new “LALPINA HYDROGEN” energy packets. Hydrogen-enriched water has been widely publicized as the new global health phenomenon and is widely believed to have great benefits for athletes, both in terms of peak performance and daily conditioning.

American Premium Water (APW) launches their long awaited product on the heels of the recent Japanese success in which Korea, the UK and European success in hydrogen-enriched water soon followed. Hydrogen-enriched water reduces oxygen free radicals that contribute to aging, and is effective in the treatment of diabetes and prediabetes patients, obesity, insulin resistance, high cholesterol and hypertension, diseases such as atopic dermatitis, and dementia. While it’s a relatively new phenomenon in the UK and Europe, however successful, hydrogen-enriched water is very popular in Japan and Korea, where it’s believed to slow down oxidation processes in the human body. Additional claimed benefits are rehydration, energisation and detoxification.

In the last year, only a handful of companies have ventured into this market in the United States, but as the demand grows globally, the US is poised for an extreme growth rate in sales of this new “Miracle Cure,” as so many have nicknamed the product. APW has shown success in the Natural Hi-pH bottled water market with celebrities raving about their product and its social media posts on the set of motion pictures, one can only believe APW will continue its success in its life changing endeavors. 

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