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5 Commercial Vehicle Wrap Fails for Omaha Businesses to Avoid

5 Commercial Vehicle Wrap Fails for Omaha Businesses to Avoid

Omaha, NE – July 4, 2017 – Vehicle wraps are becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to market their services, improve brand recognition, and build customer confidence, when done professionally. However, not every business is lucky enough to work with a great wrap designer. 

Kent Jorgenson, of Sign-O-Vation, an Omaha based custom sign company, shares 5 examples of vehicle wrap fails, and how you can avoid them:

1. Too Much Information

Complete vehicle wraps are a business investment, and many business owners feel compelled to “maximize” their investment, jam-packing it full of text, images, bullet points, and sales statements so they can make sure they aren’t missing anything. Unfortunately, this often has the opposite effect. 

People typically only see your wrap for a few moments, so the information you provide needs to be concise and targeted. Mr. Jorgensen offers advice on what to include on an effective wrap: “Provide your business name and logo, the main service you provide, and how to reach you. Anything more than that is often too much.” 

2. Too Little Information

Others looking for a clean design or with a smaller budget may opt for a partial wrap or just vinyl graphics. If you want to promote your business and attract new clients or customers from this small amount of real estate, you need to make sure your messaging is spot-on. 

For example, say you own Red Rooster Plumbing. You want your logo of a rooster holding a pipe wrench on your door panel. While this can attract attention, it doesn’t provide enough information. Specifically, it provides no means to contact you. Any good wrap designer will ensure that you are providing the right information to your audience, and following Mr. Jorgenson’s advice, should at least include your business name and phone number.

3. Just Plain Ugly or Wrong

Beyond the amount of information you share, the accuracy of your information and overall design impacts the attractiveness and professionalism of your wrap. A good wrap designer will use consider the curves of your vehicle and plan a wrap design that is attractive, concise, and impactful, and will encourage you to proof the design thoroughly to avoid any mistakes or incorrect information, especially spelling and contact info. 

Whether your wrap is poorly designed, has incorrect information, or just looks unattractive, the end result is the same.

4. Poor Installation

You can have the best designed wrap imaginable, but if it has been poorly installed, it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of your vehicle as a marketing tool. Poor installation can also impact the longevity of your wrap, as creases, bubbles, and cracks provide places for water to collect and discolor your car wrap over time. 

An expertly installed wrap will not only be attractive, it will be properly installed to a smooth finish, with design elements correctly and seamlessly aligned. Your car wrap should provide a protective layer to your original paint, not a damaging one.

5. Poor Vehicle Choice

The type and condition of the vehicle you add a promotional wrap to says a lot about your business. For example, say that you are the owner of a jewelry store, selling high-end diamond engagement rings. You have a beautiful wrap design, complete with a giant, eye-catching sparkly ring, your logo, and where to find you. But a good wrap can only do so much. An attractive wrap will not transform your rusted out beater into a BMW. 

Start with a vehicle that is clean, free of rust, and portrays the level of professionalism that you want your clients to associate with your brand. A vehicle wrap is part of a business branding effort, so don’t diminish your efforts by using an inappropriate vehicle. Mr. Jorgenson recommends, “Consider leasing a vehicle for business use. Since wraps provide protection to the factory paint, they are commonly used and actually appreciated on leased business vehicles.”

How to Avoid These Errors 

The majority of these errors can be avoided with a simple visit to your local, professional vehicle wrap supplier, such as Sign-O-Vation. They will provide you insight, assistance, and allow you to preview your design prior to production, and again before application, so you can ensure everything is perfect. Sign-O-Vation assists clients in the Omaha area with all of their vehicle wrap and graphic needs, from design through installation.

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