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ODC, The First Hydrogen Atom Anti-Aging Platform Worldwide, Completes the Strategic Layout Expanding from Hong Kong to the World

ODC, The First Hydrogen Atom Anti-Aging Platform Worldwide, Completes the Strategic Layout Expanding from Hong Kong to the World

On June 26, 2017, the 1st Session Global Business Opportunity Meeting for Hydrogen Atom Anti-Aging & ODC Global Launching Meeting held by ODC, a high-end brand of hydrogen atom skin care, concluded with perfect ending at Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong.Senior leaders of ODC International, team of ODC International Institute of Biological Research, brand partners from different countries, industrial experts, celebrities in the fashion world and members of the media all gathered here, together witnessing the official launching of ODC global hydrogen atom anti-aging platform.

ODC Global Launching Meeting

In 2017, ODC International created the internationalized global platform of “hydrogen atom anti-aging” for anti-aging resources sharing.

President Yan Shaofeng, the founder of ODC International and Chuan Sen Zhong Shu, chairman of International Institute of Biological Research of ODC at the meeting

ODC internationalized anti-aging platform, spreading the world

At the meeting, Yan Shaofeng, the founder of ODC International unfolded the ODC global strategic layout, that is, on the basis of exploited markets in China (Mainland Chinaand Hong Kong), Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, with “unfettered, open, multi-functionalfree port in Hong Kong” as the starting point, to build branches in Asia, Europe and North America within three years and to create a worldwide city service center!

Global unified operation, connecting the global financial channel

ODC employs the globalized operation, connects the global financial channel by means of third-party platform and builds a mobile, handheld Internet platform. It conducts the global business through the platform to obtain the profits from different countries. The great aspiration of sharing global anti-aging resources mirrors the excellent research and development capabilities and global operation of ODC.

ODC international anti-aging platform is formally launched

Patented hydrogen atom anti-aging technology, leading the world

ODC trys to give the best experience to customers, from research, development, manufacturing, quality management to packaging and transportation, every drop of water,every component, every second in using sense … The 70-year-old ODC International Institute of Biological Research has the leading team globally in the industries of medical science and biology, and the most advanced research equipment, and works withprofessional doctors of medical institutions, university researchers, senior hairdressers and cosmetologists to uphold the faith to build a perfect ODC. The patented product ofhydrogen atom is universally recognized as the most safe and effective anti-aging productworldwide, far ahead of other skin care products. It is the weapon for ODC standing out in the international arena.

Experts of ODC International Institute of Biological Research deliver wonderful speechesto the global audience

Professional, unabridged anti-aging program makes the stunning debut, catching the views

New products are unveiled to the public, catching the eyes. With the help ofinternational leading anti-aging technology, ODC brings the “scientific anti-aging byhydrogen atom” into full play which can be seen from the scalp care products, hair care products, facial skin care products, body care products and dietary supplement products, providing the users with a more healthy and effective professional, unabridged anti-aging program.

ODC Global Charity Foundation kicks off, flashing the philanthropic light

ODC Global Charity Foundation is designed to enable people around the world who are affected by water pollution to drink clean water. President Yan first donated 100,000$, and on the scene, called more kind-hearted men to work together to constitute the philanthropy.

ODC Global Charity Foundation is launched

ODC International takes advantage of the strong anti-aging ability of “reductive hydrogen water” to provide the global women with a more safe and effective program for extended youth and beauty. The ODC Global Launching Meeting disseminates the concept of ODC “health, beauty, colorful life” across the world and allows the users around the world to enjoy the luxury beauty-feast.

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