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Jin Qiaogen “showed up” at Times Square again to speak for moral education

Jin Qiaogen “showed up” at Times Square again to speak for moral education


New York Times Square is located in Manhattan of New York, the U.S., titled the crossroad of the world. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every day. Millions of people, most of which are foreign visitors, walk through this place every year. Times Square is a busy entertainment and shopping center surrounded by neon lights. The dazzling big screens at the Square are delivering the brand messages to everyone walking here. The Square has long become a front-tier to exhibit the top global brands and those who have ever showed up on these screens are all big stars like Jackie Chan, Zhang Yimou and Zhang Ziyi. On 5th June, the famous moral education practitioner, Jin Qiaogen, occupied these screens at the New York Times Square. He is committed to promoting the Chinese traditional virtues; he is sticking to the filial piety by making contribution silently; he is facing up to his responsibilities even though being regarded as psychopath; he is always devoting himself to the country at the cost of his own family; he is adhering to his faith to deliver moral education with his whole heart. Now, this famous figure, Jin Qiaogen, from Jiaxing of Zhejiang province, appeared on the big screen at the Times Square to speak for the moral education. His stories have not only reached the domestic and global media as well as WeChat moments for multiple times, but also been reported by many Western famous media (over 400 media including Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Frontier, CEO, World Net Daily). Only the love with noble goals are worth worship and praise. Hisintegrity, strong heart, perseverance, persistent strength and superior wisdom and outstanding capabilities are all incomparable.

Filial piety is the most important of all virtues

We are barely aware of our love for our parents because this love exists as naturally as how we live. Only at the last moment of separation should we notice how deep this love is rooted. In April, 1969, Jin Qiaogen was born in a village called Kangheqiao in Zhejiang province. His father, Jin Maogou is local and his mother, Wu Xinbao, came from Jiangsu province. His father supported a big family on his own and the heavy burden bent his back overwhelmingly. But it was until in the high school that Jin Qiaogen started to realize the importance of study and invested all his effort. Only with these three years’ input, he managed to get into the Mathematics School of Chongqing University in 1987.

Parents are considered as the first teacher of kids and Jin has always maintained the quality of filial piety under the influence of parents. It was very hard for ordinary family to cultivate one child to study in the prestigious universities in 1980s and theadmission to a university usually guaranteed an iron bowl at that time. To pay back his parents, he gave up plenty of chances in big cities and returned to the Shengze Town to run cloth business. Those bearing gratefulness are usually never short of luck. In additional to the practices as outstanding student leaders in the college, Jin was well favored by the fortune. He was busy with his business on one hand, and taking after his old parents on the other hand. In her familys word, he would put aside his business right away not matter how big it was if the parents caught any discomfort and visit his parents or send them to the clinics as fast as possible. There was no exception in all these two decades! How many people now could be soattentive filial like him?

A saying goes that there is no dutiful son before long ill parents’ bed, but Jin has shown us what the real filial piety is through his actual moves. During the seven years when his father was suffering from heart failure and stayed in the hospital once or twice a year, he arranged everything. It was also he that helped to arrange when other relatives were encountered with the same situation. Since 2013, his father got worsened and was collected into the hospital for consecutively 7 times in the following year, he totally considered the hardship of his siblings and insisted on looking after his father on his own. As a result, all doctors and nurses in the cardiovascular department of Jiaxing First Hospital became his friends. To spare more time to accompany his father, he almost abandoned everything, including his title of table tennis coach in the club and absolutely all business, to ensure that he couldspend more time with his father.

Proving rich support when parents are alive is certainly the filial piety, while a simple funeral truly reflects a real virtuous son. After his father passed away, he carried his desperate grief and self-accusation to follow the ancient people to be a vegetarian and grow beard as a memorial ceremony for three years! This was almost one and only happening in the current society!

Love is a spiritual realm

Doing good is the most real happiness that could be perceived by our heart. Jin is a good person known for his filial piety and kindness in the local community. In his eye, the only function of money is to help more people in need. He refused to invest the money in the stock market but told the whole village to establish the Kangheqiao Support Fund. He raised many ideas for the local government to build the hometown into a world-famous health nurture ancient town and worked on his own to introduce sponsorship and capital. When the Xinteng Town was preparing the half marathon, he proactively contributed to support the development of cultural and sport industry. As Xu Sanduo says in Soldiers Sortiewe live for doing something meaningful. Jin is exactly the kind of person who devotes all his heart to do something meaning to others and to the society. His true filial piety for parents has deeply touched the world and his caring for relatives and friends and even strange elders is certainly more inspiring!

He is always the first one to offer support once his relatives or friends ask for a favor. Except for offering money and strength to relatives to see doctors, he would also give money to them, even neighbors who wanted to build a house. If any alumnus was troubled by the capital turnover, he would transfer tens of thousands right away without any second thought. If anyone couldnt afford a big TV, he is also willing to send them one without any hesitation.

He has never hesitated to pay his respect to the elderly. On every Elderly Day, he was active in organizing activities and donated to send warmth and food to strange elders. Every year, he also visited some poverty-stricken families in the village several times to send gifts and money. He only wants more people to participate in these activities through these efforts, so that more caring and love could be given to elders and those in need.

You could help others if only you have a kind heart. Charity is not limited the rich only, or religious peoples exclusive right. Actually, Jin is not super rich. As generous as him, he is often mistaken as a poor since he lives such a simple life at home. He never wears luxury clothes and accessories and all clothes and shoes have all wore for a long time.

Love a firm and sublime belief that jumps out of the narrow field and pursues a sound personality. His boundless love and spirit touch everyone in deed.

Forget about the misunderstanding and speak for moral education again

It was so hard for any normal person to prove they are normal. If some wants to live by following his heart, he becomes either a madman or a legend!

Moral Education written by Jin Qiaogen elaborates the specific methods to raise up a child equipped with both morality and talent. The article intertwined with a lot ofpositive liberal knowledge and patriotic ideas. He has worn out his heart to bring up his own child and he was mistaken as psychopath for many times and sent into hospital since he attempted to promote the real moral education. In 2011, when he was fighting with his wife for the child custody, his wifes cousin called several people to tie him up and send into the Suzhou Guangji Hospital in the name of mania. This was the start of his tragedy and he has been mistaken with a title of psychopath since then.

The second time was after his father passed way. His family tied him up twice to send him into the hospital due to the grief and overstress. Since then, his family have always mistaken him as psychopath and his child has thus never talked him. Later on, he talked to the school leaders about moral education for several times but made no progress. Under a pulse, he even went to the provincial education office and appealed to the Partys court. His sister thus sent him into the mental hospital for many times.

Some people live not for themselves, but for others. Jin is a practitioner of moral education and his original idea is to deliver the right views of life, values and world. Every child needs to be guided by right ideas since their childhood. Those threatening kids are often caused by the lack of proper education. There is nothing wrong about Jins promotion of moral education. His ideas are noble. If something is wrong, maybe his approaches seem not so acceptable to others. Otherwise, he would have not been watched and detained by own people after he spent his own money to introduce businesses and capital for the hometown development. Otherwise, he would not have to face the difficulty of communication due to his experience in the hospital when he tried to talk to the government.

The idea of “expend the respect of the aged in ones family to that of other family and expend the love of the young ones in ones family to that of other families” and the spirit of being concerned about the country and people before anything else are great ideal that cares not only about individuals, personal development, but  more about the progress of others, the society, the country, the nation and the mankind.

On 5th June, Jin appeared at the Times Square and he was appealing for a proper view of moral education, which was widely acknowledged by the domestic and global major media. On one hand, he was working on getting rid of the name ofpsychopath; on the other hand, he went on a 12-day hungry strike to resist the unjust of destiny. His family, his friends and his neighbors could all recognize him as a normal person and his family also wrote apology letter to him in the next days.People know the rule. No matter how the government misunderstood him, friends and neighbors still supported him together to ask for the justice. His biggest wish in this life is to make the biggest contribution to the hometown. He graduated from Chongqing University and he has cultivated a comprehensive knowledge base of finance, medicine, hi-tech and other industries. For him, it is such an easy thing to bring businesses and hi-tech industries into Jiaxing. His is biggest wish is to see the mayor of Jiaxing who really knows talents and appreciate talents. For an ordinary person, it might be impossible to see the mayor, let alone that he has been identified as psychopath by the local government. But the torture and pain he suffered are holding his dream and belief and he would never be satisfied if he couldnt see the major. Maybe for him, only by seeing the mayor can he get rid of the name of psychopath. To others, this might be totally impossible. But he took actions. Maybe genius could always experience something unimaginable to others! He was turned down due to being mistaken as mad. It is such a pathetic thing when a genius is carrying the name of psychopath!

A diligent people would work until his death as a role model for young people. Jin Qiaogen is such a person with great ambitions and dreams, a person with real positiveenergy, a person carrying filial piety, love, goodwill, belief and persistence andequipped with strong capabilities in medicine, finance and hi-tech industries, a talent that also believes in the good, does the good and dares to devote himself. Through domestic and global medias reports, his advocacy for moral education is rationalized and time is the only criteria to test the truth and a standard to evaluate a persons value. The fact is that he is not a psychopath. How could a madman bear such a brave spirit, be recognized by the media and even think of paying respect to the elders even he was seriously ill?

Jin appeared at the Times Square once again and this time he spoke for the moral education and showed the world his boundless love and noble quality to remind the world of the moral educations importance and the greatness of patriotism. Loving the country, is the purest, acutest, noblest, strongest, gentlest, most merciless, warmest and strictest love. A people truly loving the country is a real noble person. The long-lasting name exists in virtues. As a writer, the author believes that everything will be a new start and he will walk further in the future! After all these difficulties, being misunderstood is actually the most painful.

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