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Scientologists volunteer in community and host local event recognizing International Day Against drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Scientologists volunteer in community and host local event recognizing International Day Against drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

SACRAMENTO, CA – 3 Jul, 2017 – The Sacramento Chapter of the Foundation for a Drug Free World set up an information booth at the popular North Sacramento Multi Cultural Festival on Saturday June 24th to educate Kids and public on the effects of drugs.

Joining the Foundation were local Scientologists who volunteered to reach out and encourage kids to take the drug free pledge and passed out the Truth About Drugs Educational booklets reaching nearly 800 people with the information.  Local Foundation Director Nathan Johnson states that the Multi-Cultural Festival offers the perfect venue to reach out to kids and parents with the Drug Free message.

Johnson adds that “many here are very proud of their community and attend this event to show they are committed to each other and set an example of how we can work and play together. They are openly appreciative of our efforts to educate, so it always warms my heart to feel so welcomed and appreciated.”

Johnson brings a wealth of understanding to the problem having educated hundreds of kids over the years about drugs. “We have to get beyond just saying no without taking into consideration their own personal choice. When you empower youth with the true information about what drugs do and how they affect the human body and mind, they can then make an informed and self-determined choice on whether they will take drugs or not” says Johnson.

This was a part of a broader effort by local Scientologists who culminated the weekend on Monday the 26th which is the official date of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit trafficking. They did this by hosting a presentation on prescription drug abuse at their local church in downtown Sacramento.

Joined by representatives of the Drug Enforcement Administration, faith based leaders and Scientologists who volunteered over the weekend, the focus was on prescription drugs.

“We chose to emphasize prescription drugs because of the growing problems with the abuse of opioids which include painkillers as well as illegal drugs such as Heroin and the synthetic drug Fentanyl” said Mike Klagenberg the local church President.     

Agents from the local office of the Drug Enforcement Administration gave the most current information on the problem and how painkillers are fueling a rise in Heroin use. The biggest problems associated with prescription drug abuse are the deaths associated with them due to the common mis-perception that because they are medicine, they are somehow harmless.  Their presentation was very informative and really shed some light on the eye popping numbers of abuse and trends regarding prescription drug consumption in the United States.

Drug abuse was extensively researched and written about by author and humanitarian L Ron Hubbard who wrote  – “The Planet has hit a barrier that prevents any widespread social progress: drugs and other toxic substances”.  

“Scientologists engage in many community activities to help improve the society around us and this is  one of the many ways we accomplish overcoming the barrier drugs present, by educating and helping the people who make up that society” added Klagenberg.

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