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Oahu Carpet Cleaners Become Community Favorite

Oahu Carpet Cleaners Become Community Favorite

Ewa Beach, Hawaii – Ohana ChemDry, an Ewa Beach-based company that specializes in carpet cleaning Oahu, has garnered an impeccable reputation for itself among local community members. For tourists, the last thing they probably associate with one of Hawaii’s hottest tourist spots is carpet cleaning, but for locals, Ohana ChemDry has quickly become a household name.

People often turn to professional carpet cleaning services when they suspect the flooring underneath them may be contributing to their allergies, are selling the home soon, or they might just like a thorough cleaning every now and then. But many carpet cleaning companies result to using harsh chemicals that can actually irritate allergies and pose a threat to children and pets. The carpet gets cleaned, but the side-effects aren’t worth it for many homeowners.

That’s why Ohana Chem-Dry has cultivated the reputation that it has as the best cleaning service in Oahu for both residential and commercial properties. Part of Chem-Dry, the world’s largest carpet cleaning service, the Ewa Beach location has managed to stand out and make a name for itself. While the company’s main service claim is that they remove 98% of allergens from carpets and furniture and 89% of airborne bacteria, that’s not what customers love most.

Ohana Chem-Dry is a firm believer in the use of eco-friendly products, so much so that they’ve been Certified Green by the FDA. Their non-toxic cleaning solutions are safe for children and pets, and along with the company’s fast and professional service, their natural products and environmentally conscious methods have become many customers’ favorite thing about them.

The company’s mission is based on the fact that less water in their clients’ carpets results in more for the nation’s reservoirs. Chem-dry is non-toxic and safe for both pets and children, as well as those who suffer from allergies. These factors help Ohana Chem-Dry to helpfurther their mission of creating healthier homes and a better world.

The positive attention that Ohana ChemDry has received for their carpet cleaning in Oahu is uncommon, to say the least, but the company hopes that it can keep up the pace and continue to keep the number of negative reviews from customers at virtually zero. Their environmentally friendly practices have sat particularly well with residents of the island, and so the company hopes to keep expanding on those practices and finding new ways to go green.

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