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MALINCHE RISING art show in London UK

MALINCHE RISING art show in London UK

LONDON, UK – 1 Jul, 2017 – The Happening was a success and people were impressed by the multidimensional art experience the artist brought to London from New York. 

The Multidisciplinary and Performance Artist María Fernanda Leaño “Malinche” @malincheart  had her latest art show last week, it was a Happening ok Berkley Street, in Mayfair London UK on July 22nd, the show consisted on photos, collages, posters, neons, and performance art, all created and curated by Malinche herself. 

The set was an old London house and its walls were filled with art, posters, photos, collages, paintings, and wallpaper textures installed with tape, for a class project kind of look, also mixed with reptile and colorful  paper textures, it was a combination between kitch yet surreal kind of show. Malinche’s Genre is Magical Realism.

The art was seen wearing special prism glasses to enhance the colors and textures of the art and neons, and with kaleidoscopes to se multiple images of the same object; 

Never seen before, this new art trend is a unique multidimensional art experience the artist created herself and was first seen at her New York City solo art Show titled Introducing Malinche on May. 

‘My aim is to transport the audience inside multiple dimensions the eye itself cannot see but they sure do exist’ Malinche commented. 

Also during the show the artist exhibited her latest performance photos dressed as a “live wall with words written: Mexico will not pay” during art Basel, the artist also launched her new art campaign titled: #mexicanrightsmovement to embrace tolerance for Mexicans as human beings and to respect their rights, she also continued with #enderacialtencion a social awareness campaign she launched on may 5th during Frieze New York with the Mexican Consul Diego Gomez Pickering in TriBeCa New York, as a peaceful way to unite nations and races into harmonious coexistence between races and countries and oneness in humanity, using art as a tool, the artist invites the audience to be tolerant for all ways of life no matter the location on the map.

The donations for Malinche’s Art go to Doctors Without Borders.

Special thanks to photographer Joaquin Castillo @thejoaquincastillo for your collaboration on the event and for the photos you took of a Malinche in London and Basel that got exhibited at the show;

and to Malinche Art Team. 

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