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3D Prostate Treatment: How Patients Benefited from Dr. Xinping Song’s Revolutionary Treatment

3D Prostate Treatment: How Patients Benefited from Dr. Xinping Song’s Revolutionary Treatment

3D prostate targeted treatment by Dr. Xinping Song has changed the lives for many patients in different parts of the world, and for the better. Prostate disease and all sorts of complications can now be treated through a non-invasive procedure and with no relapse. However, one may ask how effective the treatment method is in reality? Going by the comments and testimonials of some of the patients from around the world, it seems that the 3D targeted treatment is highly effective in treating a variety of conditions related to prostate or the urinary section. From whatever real and veritable data could be availed from Dr. Xinping Song’s laboratory and clinic in China, it could be confirmed that the treatment procedure is quite effective in treating a number of conditions. Here’s taking a look at how the 3D prostate treatment benefitted some of the patients.

Is 3D prostate targeted treatment effective in treating prostate tumour?

Mr. Lins from New Zealand is a company director in the field of bio-pharmacy. In his early 60s, he likes trekking and a lot of outdoor activities but couldn’t live life to the fullest at a certain period of his life as his health deteriorated for some unknown reason. He started to make repeated trips to the toiler and could clearly feel bladder tension. This symptom was accompanied with severe back pain and joints ache. He took a rectal exam and also MRI and biopsy and it was revealed that he had a very hard tumour and surgery was not a convenient solution as per the physicians.

After trying green tea and a couple of other alternative treatment methods, Mr. Lin chanced upon the 3D Urology Clinic in China and found, to his utter dismay, that the prostate surface hardness was very critical. From the very beginning, Mr. Lins was resolute to now have any surgery. He used a few recommendations and set his mind for travelling to China to avail the treatment. Once he arrived in China, Dr. Xinping Song and his team collected his prostate fluid for examination and various factors were considered and 3D targeted injections were given to the patient. After a few days, prostate morphology started becoming normal and the prostate hardness was no more. Also, his prostate size returned to normal. He later shared that Dr. Song treated the ‘cause of the disease’, and not the disease itself.

Can prostate cancer be treated using the same procedure?

Mr. Barry from Australia was diagnosed with prostate cancer (stage three). After searching on the internet, he came to know about the 3D prostate targeted treatment and noticed that the treatment starts with a detailed examination. In a YouTube video, Barry is seen talking about the procedure which starts with collection of vestibule fluid. Cancer and bacteria tests are also conducted. The comprehensive blood test is also conducted. About 20 virus tests are required for the procedure. However, during the tests, Dr. Song and his team also injected anti-cancer serum into his prostate. Mr. Barry says that the constant monitoring from the side of Dr. Song himself made a huge difference and he also found ten other people taking the same treatment.

Barry himself had twenty one different treatments when he was in Dr. Song’s clinic. Later, when he did an MRI, no traces of cancer could be found. Dr. Song also helped him in getting the proper diet, sans alcohol and tobacco obviously. He was advised to take a mixture of natural herbs and also medicinal herbs. His prostate is back to normal again, and Barry is very happy with the outcome and the treatment procedure. Does that mean that the treatment is effective in treating all sorts of prostate cancers? You have to find it out yourself.

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Is the treatment effective in treating enlarged prostate?

Take the case of Mr. Marvin Dueck of Canada. He, like many others, discovered the 3D Targeted Clinic almost instantly and he says that his enlarged prostate and BPH could be easily treated with the procedure. His PSA levels increased before he took the treatment and everyone in Marvin’s family was worried and concerned about his deteriorating health conditions. He found that Western medicines were all about cutting, slashing and removing parts of body and giving birth to new issues. So, he consulted friends and colleagues and came in contact with Dr. Xinping Song and his team. He said that the direct injection of herbal medicines into his prostate helped him recover after a few days.

Also, Marvin’s BPH was reduced by 80-90% and he thanks the clinic for this huge improvement.

Is the 3D prostate targeted treatment any good for other urinary symptoms?

Mr. Paul is also from Australia who had high BPH and other urinary symptoms. He visited the 3D Prostatitis Clinic run by Dr. Song in China’s Changsha region and was thoroughly diagnosed by the team. He also added that he was completely misdiagnosed in Australia and confessed that his Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis was correctly diagnosed by Dr. Lee from the clinic. Also, EPS was performed on him. The same 3D prostate targeted treatment also benefitted Mr. Paul as Dr. Song and his team thoroughly examined the patient, conducted the necessary tests through medical universities and when he got back home in Australia, Mr. Paul was completely out of danger. While Mr. Paul and many others have shown the courtesy to thank Dr. Song and his team for their amazing treatment solutions, the team at Changsha still maintains that they still have a long way to go and maintains that the 3D prostate targeted treatment is still gaining momentum.

Do you think you have a condition which can be discussed with an expert who can perhaps offer you an alternative solution? Well, if you think so, read the testimonials by the patients first and then, if you feel, you can get in touch with Dr. Xinping Song’s clinic at any given time. Do your own research first and take an educated decision.


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