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Why Buyer’s Representation Matters So Much in The Real Estate Market

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Why Buyer’s Representation Matters So Much in The Real Estate Market

May 18
13:06 2022

Real estate investment decisions are crucial when it comes to creating financial wealth. Buying your primary home can be a great safety net. For starters, it will pay off over time and most likely the value will increase as the years go by. If things get difficult, you can always use the equity of your home to buy open a business or even invest in other properties. Therefore, you always make the money when you buy the property at the best price and location

Now more than ever we have so much information and tools that most people might feel they don’t need representation. Who needs it if we have Zillow estimates and Google to ask questions, right? But nothing is further from the truth.

As soon as we see a property listed in the market or property in pre-construction, the first thing that may come to mind might be to call the listing agent or developer directly. You might feel is a more direct approach and that you are saving money or time by doing so. A listing agent is a seller’s representative as well as a developer. Their job is not to save you a penny.

A buyer’s representative can save you money by negotiating for you and helping you find the best property for you. A buyer’s agent has tools that can turn into gold mines with experience and proper use.

Becoming A Client, Not Customer – If a buyer decides to sign a buyer’s agreement. This creates a commitment. It tells your agent/broker how serious a buyer is wanting to close a deal. This shows that you are willing to work with the realtor to find a property that suits your needs the best, and well, that motivates the agent to provide you with better, superior services when they know that you are here to stay. And as a buyer, one of the most important aspects of making the right decision involves knowing what is in the market including pocket listings (properties not currently listed), off-market properties, and deals that need a fast closing. This way, you get access to all eligible properties that the buyer’s representative has so you know that you are getting the best deal!

Saying No to Misunderstandings – the best way to do business while ensuring that both parties remain secure is to have a contract set in place and that’s exactly the role a buyer’s representation agreement plays. The agreement states the services the realtor will provide to the client. This helps avoid misunderstandings or miscommunication in the process. But that does not mean that if you do not find your desired solution, you are stuck due to the contract. The agreements have a specified time period and if both parties agree, they can be terminated early.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you want to give buyer’s representation agreements a go and gain superior services that you will not ever have to doubt, you can contact Yaima Lamela today. Having founded her brokerage in 2016, Prestige Empire Realty, Lamela is one of the most sought-after realtors in the Miami area. With almost two decades of experience in her bag and a record of accomplishment of success, you know that you won’t run into any silly problems here! All you have to do is visit her website, to contact her and the rest will be taken care of by a high-qualified team of professionals!

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