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4 Women Artists to Watch Out for in 2022

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4 Women Artists to Watch Out for in 2022

May 18
12:58 2022

Male artists have dominated the face of arts throughout its history. When asked about famous artists, anyone would name the same artists over and over again. Looking closely into the centuries’ old records of art history, women have contributed significantly. However, much of the well-deserved recognition was attributed to the influence of the men around. Women artists are often ignored and remain astonishingly understated in galleries, museums and exhibitions. Despite making up more than 50% of visual artists, women artists don’t get the deserved recognition. 

A lot of amazing female artists remain unknown despite having created extraordinary masterpieces and to change that, below are four exceptional women artists! The contribution to the arts made by these experts through creativity, patience and dedication are truly remarkable and inspiring for anyone out there.

Miriam Tolke

Based in Berlin, Tolke is an artist who uses a range of materials to craft surrealist collages that leave the viewer wondering. In Miriam’s works, the artist uses discarded images, and incorporates them into more formal images from magazines and archived pictures. Tolke brilliantly and beautifully weaves landscapes together with intriguing portraits that at first glance seem simple but have a fantastic and curious story to tell. 

Farah Al Qasimi

Qasimi was born in United Arab Emirates and now lives in the United States.  Qasimi works with photography, video, and performance to share the histories of the artist’s family and their immigration to the United States.  The artist’s works are large in scale often filling an entire room, using bold interiors and vibrant colors as expression of both personal and family identity and to further questions about truth and belief.  Farah is a force to be reckoned with and the powerful work must not be missed. 

Alanna Hernandez

Hernandez is an abstract artist working mostly with colored pencil on wood panels, creating an unusual harmony between ribbon like patterns and both bright and muted colors. Hernandez uses form and color as a tool to explore how trauma is dealt with, concealed and adjusted to, creating pieces that are easy to get lost in the beautifully comforting and entirely complex compositions of. 

Caitlin Teal Price

Price is an extremely ambitious artist and photographer, using photographs of sunlight as the grounds for thought-provoking drawings created with an x-acto blade used to carve deliberate, delicate gestural patterns and shapes into the surface of the prints. 

The artist’s drawings are intricate abstractions of photographs taken in the everyday, and investigate the spiritual themes that exist within the context of domesticity, routine, ritual, and play.  Price’s work is truly unique, requiring the viewer to get up close to see every hand drawn detail.   

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