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How can a parking air conditioner battery last longer? DF gives people professional solution

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How can a parking air conditioner battery last longer? DF gives people professional solution

May 18
12:54 2022

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Installing on-board air conditioners and replacing the batteries of the parking air conditioners are the preparations that many truck drivers have to do in advance for the summer. Relevant surveys show that nearly half of long-distance truck drivers choose to spend the night in their vehicles. The battery-powered parking air conditioner can be used when parking for a long time and can flexibly adjust the temperature and humidity of the air in the car. It has become a “just need” for truck drivers.

(DF Storage Battery)

The installation of parking air conditioners for commercial vehicles has grown rapidly. Affected by price factors, about 70%-80% of heavy truck users will be chose after-installation air conditioners. The annual sales volume of parking air conditioners in the domestic supporting market was 625,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 29.7%.

However, in the aftermarket, there are many brands of parking air conditioners and many assembled products, and the quality and service are uneven. In order to solve the phenomenon of scattered industry, at present, the enterprises specializing in the production of parking air conditioners all require the guarantee of the quality of vehicle-grade products, and establish a sound service system in the supporting market and after-installation market.

In September 2019, the DF brand launched the Advanced-quality battery for parking air conditioners, established the “Technical Conditions and Test Methods for Lead-acid Batteries for Parking Air Conditioners”, and released the industry standard Q420600.LX.0002-2020, leading the development of batteries in the parking air conditioner market. Also improve the brand effect of DF on commercial vehicles.

In order to break through the bottleneck of the usage time of the parking air conditioner and the service life of the battery, DF has always stood in the perspective of the truck driver and analyzed what kind of parking air conditioner battery the driver needs. Almost as good as new. Finally, the DF parking air-conditioning battery with 7 patents and pioneering the cycle test method under parking conditions was developed.

Parking air conditioner battery first depends on the temperature. The higher the outdoor temperature, the more electricity the parking air conditioner will consume for cooling. For example, in a hot afternoon in summer, the parking air conditioner can only be turned on for about 4 hours, while the temperature at night is relatively low, and it may take 8 hours.

In the same environment, the power consumption of inverter air conditioners and fixed frequency air conditioners is also very different.  When the parking air conditioner operates through the original car battery, the vehicle must be equipped with at least a 180Ah battery, and some truck drivers choose a 220Ah battery. The Jiefang Truck South Edition is equipped with a 330Ah AGM battery.

In order to increase the use time of the parking air conditioner, some drivers will equip the parking air conditioner with a separate set of batteries in addition to the original car battery. Then, new problems follow. Multiple charging and discharging will greatly reduce the service life of the battery. Therefore, the parking air conditioner battery of many trucks lasts for less than two years.

How to improve the standby time of the parking air conditioner and the service life of the battery, DF parking air conditioner battery has solved the two most prominent problems with its professional technical level, and developed a battery product recognized by truck drivers.

Compared with some ordinary commercial batteries, DF parking air conditioner batteries have three major advantages and six major uses. The three major advantages are: the number of parking cycles is 10 times higher than that of ordinary commercial batteries; the parking time can be up to 4-6 hours, even up to 9 hours; it can save about 2L of fuel per hour. At the same time, it can meet the electricity demand of the six major purposes of vehicle parking air conditioner, boiling water for cooking, vehicle electric blanket, vehicle startup, vehicle refrigerator, and audio-visual entertainment, and truly achieves the integration of people, vehicles and life.

In order to meet the future market demand, DF Lead-acid Battery parking air conditioner batteries will be upgraded to three series, namely flooded lead-acid parking air conditioner batteries, lithium battery new energy parking air conditioner batteries, and AGM lead-acid parking air conditioner batteries. The DF brand will also lead the field of parking air conditioners to break through to a higher technical level, covering the future technical direction of parking air conditioner batteries in all dimensions. Only by understanding user expectations and using innovative technologies to empower products can we truly provide OEMs with products that are more in line with market demands, and at the same time truly meet truck drivers’ rigid demands for parking air-conditioning batteries.

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