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Production of The Man Who Met GOD Filmed in Istanbul

Production of The Man Who Met GOD Filmed in Istanbul

November 13
04:55 2021

Istanbul, Turkey is the gateway between East (Asia) and West (Europe), along with being considered one of the holiest and mightiest places on earth: the Byzantine Empire built the majestic Hagia Sophia that stood as the largest domed Christian church for over a millennium, and the Ottoman Empire matched the grandeur with the Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque for the Islamic faith. Hence it is perhaps appropriate that a feature-length movie documentary of epic and divine proportions, entitled The Man Who Met GOD, should be filmed in Istanbul. Matching the cultural duality of the city location, the science behind the religion claiming proof of a Single Omnipotent Consciousness (technical term for GOD) is based on the discovery of Twin Universes.

Andrea Wen, founder of Productions Beyond and One Humanity One World (OHOW) global social movement; is the Producer and Director of the documentary film. She was assisted on the location shoot of this creative production in Istanbul by her mother: Linda Zoraya. The featured star of the movie is nuclear physicist and creator of Our Collective global alliance – Dr. Leong Ying. Along with claiming the discovery of GOD through science, he is also the mastermind behind the holistic operating principles of Our Collective integrating Art, Business and Charity. And during this weeklong love affair with Istanbul, the adventurous trio were able to accomplish their holy trinity of tasks: the Art was represented by the creative movie production, Business by scheduled meetings with local commercial partners arranged by Omer Sarikaya, and Charity through the homage paid to Vedia Bulent Onsu Corak, divinely referred to as Mevlana.

Mevlana (Vedia Bulent Onsu Corak) with KLYSTAR (Leong Ying)
Photographer: Leong Ying (2nd November 2021)

The story began in 2018, when Dr. Ying was an invited speaker at the Call To World Peace conference hosted in Istanbul by the World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation. Watching in the audience of thousands from over 40 nations was Linda, whom on returning home to Spain, reported to her daughter Andrea on the presentation by the scientist claiming to have discovered GOD. This historic moment was the catalyst that ignited global movements, including the aforementioned OHOW and its associated One GOD One Religion (OGOR) global unification movement. Andrea’s religious beliefs and intellectual curiosity, enticed her to reach out to the acclaimed GOD Finder, and demanded technical answers to his divine assertions. From this union, Andrea was convinced of the legitimacy of Dr. Ying, that she became the Master Scribe for translating his published GOD manuscript into Spanish DIOS, and upcoming translations into other foreign languages. Their first physical encounter was in the following year, when he returned as the speaker in Istanbul, and for his 2019 presentation, Linda was again in the audience, this time accompanied by her inquisitive daughter in search of The Man Who Met GOD.

To pay respect to the organization: Mevlana Supreme Foundation, and its divine founder – Ms. Bulent Corak, that united the artist with the scientist; their first port of call after arriving in Istanbul from their respective Spain and US bases, was to visit the association headquarters. Andrea and her mother gifted Mevlana with their published books, including the OHOW Manifesto, and in return the foundation presented them with the latest English and Spanish editions to their accompanying publication series to The Knowledge Book.

With the Charity aspects of Our Collective holy trinity completed, the next divine task for its creator – Dr. Ying and his traveling companions was towards the Business domain of human activities, leaving Art as the final undertaking in Istanbul with the filming of the godly documentary.

Omer is a well-known Turkish entrepreneur and filmmaker with close association with Dr. Ying and his global alliance Our Collective. He took the opportunity of the visitors coming to his homeland, to schedule power meetings with highly influential power brokers. In the penthouse suite of Trump Towers, commercial deals relating to blockchain technologies of cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) were discussed with Ugur Akkus, Chairman of A&S Investment Holding. In the following days, in-between filming of the documentary, other commercial power meetings were scheduled with former World Bank executive (Muhittin Yalcin Baran) and Family Office financier (Albert Nigri).

Artist (Andrea Wen), Entrepreneur (Ugur Akkus) and Scientist (Leong Ying)
Photographer: Leong Ying (3rd November 2021)

Andrea will return to Spain with her mother, to complete the movie of The Man Who Met GOD, and Leong will be flying further on back to his US home base to develop on the various commercial opportunities harvested in Istanbul, with the intentions to benefit the rest of humanity with profitability, productivity and philanthropy, as befitting of Our Collective Latin motto: Consequi Magnificentia Per Bonitatem (Achieve Greatness Through GOoDness).

The seed that was laid in 2018 has blossomed into this coming epic of The Man Who Met GOD, and Istanbul may well once more become the center of a great empire, this one built on the reunification of Religion and Science – a conquest armed with Knowledge and Truths.


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