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Raul Andres Gonzalez III Defeats Debilitating Disease to Become A Highly Successful Forex Trader

Raul Andres Gonzalez III Defeats Debilitating Disease to Become A Highly Successful Forex Trader

January 11
23:36 2021
Raul Andres Gonzalez III Defeats Debilitating Disease to Become A Highly Successful Forex Trader

Raul Andres Gonzalez III – @lamboraul

Raul Andres Gonzalez III, the reputed forex trader, and educator has shown how anyone can overcome adversity and become successful in life if one remains focused on the goals. Raul overcame a dangerous and life-threatening medical condition to become a highly successful entrepreneur, something he always aspired to become.

“I was born Raul Andres Gonzalez III, but everyone knows me as @Lamboraul on Instagram,” says Raul. “I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was just 16, which affected my normal life in every way. However, I overcame all those tough challenges I faced in my early life to realize my life’s ambition of becoming a successful entrepreneur.”

Raul faced a tough childhood because of his medical condition. It first took a toll on his schooling and forced him to pursue his education online. He also had to deal with social isolation, as he could not indulge in physical activities or sports like other kids of his age. Despite facing such tremendous challenges, he sauntered on and decided to work towards achieving his life goals, making adjustments at every step. 

His quest for success led him to research careers that would help him become self-sufficient and successful. He wanted a career that would not only empower him financially but also give him the freedom needed to create the life he yearned for. 

Raul says he always had the mindset of an entrepreneur and did business even as a young kid selling rebuilt skateboards, custom computers, and a host of other things. The entrepreneurial streak never left him, and he was always looking for business opportunities. His discovery of the financial markets was a life-changing step.

Raul reveals how he used to spend long hours in his mother’s small room, understanding the technicalities and complexities of forex trading. His learning time stretched to around 15 hours a day on most days as he tried to absorb everything he could get his hands on about trading.

However, the early days of entrepreneurship were tough and Raul even lost huge sums of money learning the trade and carrying out his trial-and-error experiments. However, his unrelenting efforts and tenacity paid off, and he soon started earning consistently. It gave him that much-needed confidence to take his business to the next level. 

Raul’s next goal was to teach others the art of trading by using his knowledge, skills, and expertise gained from his learning years. He started his first trading educational company in 2018 and created courses to help others interested in the forex business. 

Today, Raul Andres Gonzalez III lives life on his terms and enjoys life for what it is, all thanks to his success in the trading business. He goes fishing and skateboarding and hangs out with friends and family having fun. He has even realized his childhood dream of collecting cars and drives a McLaren 720s, his favorite machine.  He has also recently bought his first home.

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